Trusting us with your future


We are here to be your printed circuit board experts. We will support you to the fullest extent and assure full responsibility for the quality of all boards whether they come from our offshore partner or our own shop here in the U.S.

We recognize our role and our responsibility to produce our customer's PCB designs to exceed their expectations. We realize that when our customers award Circuit Engineering with their order, they are trusting us with their future. We know that by making the best PCB on the market today and then delivering on time each and every time, we are helping our customers to be more successful.

Quick Turnaround Prototype PCB

Our printed circuit board service is the leading solution for PCB in the USA and Overseas. 24 hour turnaround times and no minimum quantity requirements.

Our Process Is Second To None

All printed circuit boards manufactured by Circuit Engineering are managed, inspected and reviewed by our professional Certified Engineers. When you choose Circuit Engineering, you have the peace of mind knowing our commitment to accuracy and excellence.


Our expansive list of capabilities include thru-hole, surface mount technology and mixed technology for single and double-sided placement, fine pitch components, passive components, ball grid arrays with x-ray inspected placements.

  • Board type 1,2,3,4
  • Type 1-Single sided
  • Type 2-Double sided
  • Type 3-Multilayer
  • Type 4-multilayer with blind and/or buried vias
  • Aluminum boards
  • Double sided boards
  • Multi-layer boards
  • Multi-layer boards 16 layers
  • IPC Slash Sheet
  • IPC-4101
  • Electrolytic nickel gold edge connectors
  • Heavy copper
  • Blind via
  • Hybrid boards
  • Rigid pcb
  • Flex pcb
  • Rigid flex pcb
  • Through holes, blind vias, via in pad
  • Impedance
  • Edge plating
  • Pockets
  • Gold bondable
  • Back drilling
  • Castellations/half hole
  • Via protection type I, II, III, IV, V, VII
  • Non-conductive and conductive via fill
  • HASL
  • OSP
  • ENIG
  • Immersion Silver
  • Immersion Tin
  • Electrolytic nickel gold edge connectors
  • Immersion gold, silver, tin

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